John Hubbard’s challenge 45 years on

September 22, 2009

A very brief Highlight feature we wrote some time ago on the complementarity between condensed matter and cold-atom experiments has now appeared on the ISIS website:

* J Quintanilla, C Hooley, ST Carr, JJ Betouras, VL Campo Jr and K Capelle, “John Hubbard’s challenge 45 years on”.


Colloquium: Bulk Bogoliubov excitations in a Bose-Einstein condensated

April 8, 2005

R. Ozeri *, N. Katz, J. Steinhauer , and N. Davidson

Rev. Mod. Phys. 77, 187 – 205 (2005)

They discuss the study of Bogoliubov excitations in atomic gases using two-photon Bragg scattering.